Our Philosophy

Missy Fine Inc. is the intersection of art, beauty and imagination-- 

where the relationship between people and natural objects becomes each client's unique story to tell.   

Our Method

It begins with an intention.  

In collaboration with each client, we navigate through a creative process that distills their objective into elements of nature-- flower, water, stone, wood and plant-- giving a unique physical form to their authentic voice. Through this kaleidoscopic lens of our natural world, Missy Fine Inc. draws its inspiration to capture our connection with the Earth.  And one another.

Our Founder

Floral Sorceress.  Divine Botanist.  Organic Culinarian.  

Inspired by nature, Missy Fine cultivated a deep appreciation of the earth’s most organic objects -- its gemstones, plants, flowers and culinary provisions -- into a signature design style authentically born from her early childhood surroundings.  Growing up in an artistic, native Angeleno household, Missy tapped into her affinity for creative design and entrepreneurism at an early age, launching floral and jewelry design companies simultaneously.  She further expanded her artistic repertoire by pursuing degrees in business entrepreneurism at Babson College, and culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu.  But it is a lifelong passion for world travel that Missy attributes as her inspiration to synthesize a kaleidoscopic range of art forms into Missy Fine Inc., a full service transdisciplinary creative design company where Missy’s unique form of curated storytelling with natural objects has spanned across creative design, consulting and event styling to experiential art installation and floral exhibitions. Over the course of more than a decade, Missy has built a visionary career which has afforded her opportunities to partner or provide creative services for some of the most respected and innovative organizations in the world.  Her ability to execute a vision to any scale offers her clients an array of creative options—from lush intimate soirees sprinkled with with her signature imaginative detail to grand global events of awe-inspiring magnitude..